Manufacturer's Links

Here are some of the main manufacturers that we work with on a daily basis.�� If you know which brand you are looking for, you may see if they are listed here on this page.� Please remember this is only a small portion of all the brands and products that we carry. � You may use the manufacturer's sites to do research on the products, but we understand that this may be difficult.� That is why we are here!� To better service and assist you on your buying options!!!�� Please feel free to call us for any questions you may have (301) 770-9866 or email us at .

Admiral Craft Equipment
Bakeware, Bar Supplies, Buffetware, Cookware, Dinnerware, Holloware, Janitorial Supplies, Kitchen Utensils, Pizza Supplies, Steam Table Pans, Tabletop Items, Select Major Brands.

Advance Tabco
Sinks, Dishtables, Worktables, Underbars, Pan Racks, Buffet Units, Shelving, Custom Fabrication (upon request).

EAGLEWARE Cookware, Bakeware, Bar Supplies, Buffetware, Food Prep Items, Kitchenware, Steam Table Pans, Tabletop Items.

Cook / Hold Ovens, Combitherm, Holding Cabinets, Heated Buffet Servers, Heated Display Cases, Merchandisers, Quickchillers, Fryers.

Commercial Microware Ovens, Compact Convection Ovens, CookPro Specialty Accessories.

American Metalcraft
Deluxe Kitchen & Bar Supplies, Pizza Pans,�Asian Service Items, Plate Covers, Chafters.

APW Wyott Foodservice
Counter Top Cooking Equipment, Toasters, Warmers, Concession Equipment.

Bakers Pride
Deck Ovens, Conveyor Ovens, Countertop Ovens, Convection Ovens and Cook Line.

Berkel Company
Meat Slicers, Bread Slicers, Planetary Mixers, Mixer Accessories.

Best Value Textile
Aprons, Ovenmitts, Bar / Janitorial / Kitchen Towels, Janitorial / Kitchen Gloves, Baker Pads, Chef Apparel, Table Skirting, Vinyl / Cloth Table Linens, Garments.

C & K Sales & Mfg.�
Cutting Boards, Matting, Shelf Liners, Gloves, Aprons, Hairnets.

Food Storage Containers, Bowls, Ladles, Trays, Carriers, Pans & Lids, Pitchers, Dish Racks, Shelving.

Captive-Aire Systems
Ventilation Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Hoods, Exhaust Fans, Supply Fans, Control Panels, Utility Distribution Systems.

Cappucino Dispensers, Coffee Brewers, Cold Beverage Dispensers, Decanters, Espresso Machines, Granita Dispensers, Hot Chocolate Dispensers, Iced Tea Brewers, O.J. Dispensers, Urns, Water�Boilers.

Classico Seating
Metal Finish Chairs, Bentwoods, Catering & Banquet Stack Chairs, Classic Dining Chairs, Food Court Style Chairs, Table Tops, Table Bases.

Continental Refrigerator
Reach-In Refrigerators & Freezers, Sandwich Prep Units, Pizza Prep Units, Worktop Freezers and Refrigerators, Back Bar Coolers, Keg Coolers, Milk Coolers, Griddle Stands,�Fish Files, Roll-In & Roll-Thru Refrigerators and Freezers, "Value Line" and Designer Lines available.

Electronic Thermometers, Infrared Thermometers, Timers, Humidity Meters.

Bar Supplies, Liquor Pourers, Bar Mat, Scoops, Bar Spoons, Strainers, Glass Rimmers, Bar Towels, Plastic Steak Markers, Stirrers, Picks.

Curtron Products��
Strip Doors, Swinging Doors, Air Doors, Rack Covers, Insulated Covers, Breathable Covers, Cooler Curtains, Dock Accessories.

Detecto Scale
Can Openers, Portion Control Scales, Hanging Scales, Ingredient Scales, Price Computing Scales, Label Printers.

Dexter Russell
Premium Brand Knives: Dexter, Russell, Sani-safe, Conoisser, Sof-Grip.� Value Line: Russell International.

Gas Connectors, Water Connectors, Accessories, Faucets, Pre-Rinse Units.

Pizza Presses, Tortilla Presses, Tortilla Warming Plates, Press Tables & Carts, Mold Inserts, Pan Racks, Wood-Fired Ovens, Gas-Fired Ovens, Custom Fabrication.

Bread Slicers, Dough Dividers & Sheeters, Circle Air Ovens & Proofers, Conveyor Ovens, Deck Ovens, Holding Cabinets, Mobile Proofers, Jet Air Ovens & Proofers, Pizza Ovens, Rotating Rack Ovens, Rotisseries, Smokers, Spiral Mixers.

Dynamic International
Hand Mixers, Whisks, Ricers, Juicers, Salad Spinners.

Eagle Group
Worktables, Dishtables, Sinks, Handsinks, Hot Food Tables, Buffet Units, Underbars, Countertop Cooking & Warming Equipment, Shelving.

Copper Cookware, Bakery & Gelatin Molds, Oversize Spatulas & Whisks, Juicers, Juice & Slush Dispensers, Crepe Griddles, Mandolins.�

Frymaster / Dean
Fryers, Portable Filters, Fryer-Filter Systems, Shortening Disposal Units.

Furniture Imports
Wooden Chairs, Wooden Folding Chairs, Bar Stools, Metal Banquet Stacking Chairs.

G.E.T. Enterprises
Melamine Dinnerware, Plastic Tumblers, Water Pitchers, Ramekins, Tray Stands, High Chairs.

Garland Group
Ranges, Ovens, Deck Ovens, Broilers, Griddles.

Outdoor Grills & Accessories, Rotisseries, Pig Roasters, Patio Heaters.

Imperial Range
Ranges, Convection Ovens, Fryers, Broilers, Griddles.

Waste Disposers, Hot Water Dispensers, Aqua Saver Systems, Waste X-Press Waste Reduction Systems.

International Patterns
Menu Board Systems, Illuminated Signs, Illuminated Write-On Boards, Quick Draw Boards, Letterboards, Poster Holders, Banners.

Jackson MSC
TEMPSTAR Door-Type Dishwashers, Undercounter Dishwashers, Rack-Conveyor Dishwashers, Round Dishwashers, Glasswashers.

Lincoln Foodservice Equipment
Impinger & Impinger X2 Conveyor Ovens.

Market Forge Industries
Steam Cookers, Steam Jacketed Kettles, Tilting Skillets, Convection Ovens, COMBI-TECH Combination Ovens, Glasswashers, Dishwashers.

Merco Savory
Food Warmers, Thermal Shelves, Food Merchandisers, Heated Display Cases, Broilers, Rotisseries, Toasters.

Newco Enterprises
Coffee Brewers, Iced Tea Brewers, Airpots, Warmers, Dispensers, Carafes.

Walk-in Refrigeration, Reach-in Refrigeration, Milk Coolers.

Oneida Foodservice
Dinnerware, Flatware, Glassware, Holloware, Metalware, Serving Trays.

Penn Scale Mfg.
Bakers Scales, Counter Scales, Grocer Scales, Hanging Scales, Market Scales, Union Scales, Vegetable Scoops.

Regal Ware
Coffeemakers, Coffee Urns, Spice Mills, Hot Pads, Breadmakers, Stainless Steel Cookware, Non-Stick Cookware.

Royal Industries
Complete Line of Smallwares, Tabletop Products & Furniture.

San Jamar / Katchall
Cutting Boards, Matting, Shelf Liner, Ice Totes, Rapi-Kool Chillers, Pails, Cup, Lid & Napkin Dispensers, Retrievers.

Plastic-coated shatterproof fluorescent lamps, Teflon coated incandescent lamps and infrared heat lamps, plastic-coated HID lamps and Teflon-coated, extremely transparent shatter-resistant globes for food preparation and storage areas.

Star / Holman
Broilers, Griddles, Hot Dog & Popcorn Machines, Humidity Cabinets, Specialty Warmers, Toasters, Waffle Bakers, Sandwich Grills, Cheese Melters, Conveyor Toasters & Ovens, Pretzel Bakers.

Supreme Metal
Hot Food Tables, Portable Bars, Waitress Stations, Drop-Ins, Bar Sinks, Service Units, Add-Ons.

Tablecraft Products
Baskets, Shakers, Condiment Racks, Dispensers, Skewers, Salad Bowls, Kitchen Accessories, Signs, Bar Supplies.

Teknor Apex
Mats, Cutting Boards.

True Foodservice
Top and Bottom Mount Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers, Undercounter Units, Worktop Units, Chef Bases, Salad/Sandwich Units, Wine/Floral Cases, Worktop Units, Under Bar Refrigeration, Pizza Prep Tables, Milk Coolers, Deli Cases, Heated Cabinets and the TR Consultant Market Series. NEW: Curved Glass Bakery & Deli Cases, Air Curtain Type Vertical Merchandiser & Flat-Lid "Spot" Freezers.

Planetary Mixers.

Vertex China
Value Chinaware, Porcelain Dinnerware, Hand Crafted China, Unique City Square China.

Vita-Mix Corporation
Frozen Cocktail / Smoothies (Portion Blending System), Drink Blenders, Food Blenders, Blending Stations, Frozen Dessert Mixers, Container Rinsers.

Vulcan-Hart / Wolf Range
Ranges, Ovens, Fryers, Broilers, Griddles, Steamers, Braising Pans, Kettles, Combi Ovens.

W.A. Brown
Walk-In Coolers & Freezers.

Walco Stainless
Stainless Steel Flatware, Steak Knives, Holloware, Chafers, Serving Trays, NISSCO RDG Elite flatware.

Waring Commercial
Blenders, Mixers, Juicers, Ice Crushers, Food Processors, Choppers, Grinders, Toasters.